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How to Write and Submit PhORCAS Letter of Intent

phorcas letter of intent helpWhen it comes to applying for residency, you’re going to need a stellar PhORCAS letter of intent among other important documents. Whether you’re struggling to crystallize your thoughts, or you’re just not sure how to format your essay, help has arrived. Once you’ve made contact with one of our expert academic writers, it won’t be long before you receive a top-quality residency letter of intent sample that points you in exactly the right direction for success. Make sure you do everything in your power to succeed in your pharmacy career.

phorcas letter of intent

Essential Facts About PhORCAS

Before you go ahead and start drafting a full pharmacy residency personal statement, it’s advisable to take a step back and examine the whole application process. Only by investigating what this system has in store for you as a residency program applicant can you move on to working with useful tools like a PhORCAS letter of intent template.

  • The Pharmacy Online Residency Centralized Application Service (PhORCAS) allows you to send your application to a range of programs from one access point.
  • This system also enables you to access “The Match”, home of the ASHP matching service that helps you to get paired with a program that most closely suits your circumstances.
  • You may not have realized that you can also use PhORCAS as a PGY1 resident to facilitate the continuation of your training as a PGY2 resident. It’s often possible to do this by means of the early commitment process.

The Main Rules Never to Forget

There are plenty of rules and regulations to remember when you’re applying to residencies online that there’s no wonder you need PhORCAS application help. Let’s start with a comprehensive list of the documents you need to be able to include in your application.

  • Official transcripts from pharmacy and non-pharmacy colleges attended
  • Resume or CV
  • PhORCAS letter of intent or cover letter
  • If you can also supply a letter of recommendation PhORCAS will look upon it favorably

Additionally, you should carefully consider the deadlines and other restrictions in place to prevent late applicants from submitting their information to programs. If you find yourself unable to comply with these rules, you won’t have much use for a PhORCAS letter of intent template, so make sure you contact the right advisors ahead of time. The most crucial points to think about are outlined below for your convenience.

  • Technically, you can submit your PhORCAS letter of intent or cover letter, plus any other documents, whenever you like. However, the programs themselves reserve the right to refuse your application if you have passed their imposed deadline.
  • Be aware that if you miss a deadline and your application is refused, you will not be issued a refund of any kind. Since applying to such programs is by no means cheap, you may want to mark the relevant dates in your calendar in advance.
  • It is sometimes possible to request a deadline extension, enabling you to make the most of a PhORCAS example letter of intent and any other materials we provide, but your chosen program may refuse to honor this request.
  • There is no official letter of intent PhORCAS max length, but there are some guidelines that have been put in place to encourage applicants to stick to a certain amount. Given the guidance offered on the PhORCAS website itself, you would be well advised to keep your letter of intent PhORCAS max length to two pages.

The Real Purpose of Your Letter of Intent

You’ll get the best use out of an expertly written PhORCAS example letter of intent once you understand what such documents are actually for. While it may seem obvious that the whole point of this letter is to explain why you want to pursue a residency in pharmacy, it’s somewhat more difficult to actually formulate a worthy explanation that will impress your future professors.

  • This is your chance to demonstrate who you really are and what you stand for. You should use this opportunity to expand upon point mentioned elsewhere in your application, but also to add new information.
  • Naturally, your purpose should be mentioned clearly. There’s no need to resort to cliches and stock phrases when you can use your genuine enthusiasm alongside the guiding hand of an expert writer.
  • You ought to talk about your accomplishments, being sure to mention numbers whenever possible. You can paint a much better picture of your achievements when your readers can actually visualize them.

Concise Guide to Your Letter of Recommendation

When you provide a verified letter of recommendation PhORCAS and the pharmacy schools that use it will each understand that you’re the genuine article when it comes to choosing between top applicants. While you can sometimes find a worthy professor at your current college to help with your PhORCAS recommendation letter, it’s more often than not that you have to give them a helping hand. Here’s a condensed guide to what you should and shouldn’t do when it comes to your PhORCAS recommendation letter.

  • Don’t let the content of your letter contradict other parts of your application. You need to select a writer who knows exactly what to add while following the prescribed PhORCAS letter of recommendation format.
  • Don’t include vague content that doesn’t really add anything to the discussion. Instead, be specific and quantify any details wherever possible.
  • Do follow the most common PhORCAS letter of recommendation format, which includes three positive qualities pertaining to the applicant. Any negative ones should be painted in a positive light if they are included at all.
  • Do make it clear how well the professor and the student know each other. The more collaboration that has taken place during the course of your studies, the more seriously your letter will be taken.

phorcas letter of intent or cover letter tips

Who Can Provide Professional PhORCAS Application Help?

Getting help with applicants to residencies that use PhORCAS is easy once you’ve found a great source of writers and advisors like ours. Here’s a concise summary of the major guarantees you’ll enjoy when you ask one of our experts for assistance.

  • Our professionals are all native English speakers with at least a master’s degree.
  • Our experts have an average of two decades experience in academia, specifically in admissions.
  • All of the examples and templates we produce are totally unique, and we confirm this with powerful independent anti-plagiarism software.
  • You can pay securely for our service using your credit card. We never share your information with third parties.
  • If you’re not happy with our efforts, you’re entitled to a complete refund.

Reap the Rewards of Expert Support

Whatever kind of help you need to get your PhORCAS letter of intent back on track, our expert advisors are ready and willing to show you precisely what it takes to succeed. No matter how daunting the application process might seem, our professional editors know just what you need to accomplish in order to stand a great chance of getting into the residency program of your dreams. Get in touch with an expert right away, and you’ll have already made a great leap towards your future career.

Learn the best way to approach your PhORCAS letter of intent. Find out everything there is to know from our expert advisors.