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Pharmacy Residency Letter of Intent Sample

Great Pharmacy Residency Letter of Intent Sample

Your letter of intent for pharmacy residency is almost certainly the most important part of your application and should be written very carefully indeed if you want to stand out. Your competition at this level is almost certainly going to have similarly impressive qualifications to you and your letter of intent is therefore the only way you have to impress the admissions panel.

But writing an attention grabbing and highly effective letter of intent is never easy which is why you will need all of the help that you can get. By reviewing our pharmacy letter of intent sample you will be able to see what you should cover within your writing, how you should structure your letter and the style of writing that you should employ. Samples however should never be copied; they will not reflect you nor will they be targeted towards your specific application. Always write your own letter of intent and use a sample only for guidance and ideas. The following are some tips to help you with your writing.

5 Tips for Writing an Effective Pharmacy Letter of Intent

Do not just rely on using samples for guidance, consider the following tips when writing your own letter of intent.

Pharmacy Residency Letter of Intent TipsFocus at the residency program. Always tailor your letter of intent to the application that you are making. Never use the same generic letter for a number of applications.

Pharmacy Residency Letter of Intent TipsOpen with an effective hook. You need to get the reader’s attention right from the start so that they will want to continue reading. This should be a relevant personal anecdote or attention grabbing fact.

Pharmacy Residency Letter of Intent TipsMake your letter flow. This is not a resume with just a list of facts and achievements. If you want to stand out tell a relevant and effective story about yourself.

Pharmacy Residency Letter of Intent TipsAvoid any possibility of errors in your writing. A single spelling mistake could be enough for your application to be dismissed as it shows a lack of interest on your part. So always carefully edit and proofread your letter before sending.

Pharmacy Residency Letter of Intent TipsCover the key questions. Letter of intent should answer a number of key questions that admissions committee will be looking for in your draft. These questions include:

  • Why are you studying pharmacy?
  • Where do you expect your career to take you after the residency?
  • What skills make you ideally qualified to this residency?
  • Why have you chosen this specific residency?

5 Things to Avoid in Pharmacy Residency Letter of Intent

The following are 5 mistakes that applicants routinely make and should be avoided at all costs when you write your letter of intent for your pharmacy residency:

Pharmacy Letter of Intent MistakesNever use clichés. The reader wants to read something original in your own personal words, so be sure to check your draft with plagiarism check software. Or simply ask our editors to review and fix your letter.

Pharmacy Letter of Intent MistakesAvoid the use of language that is difficult to understand. Don’t try to be clever with fancy words from your thesaurus and avoid slang and acronyms. However, using common pharmacy abbreviations will be fine.

Pharmacy Letter of Intent MistakesBe concise and to the point. If you use a lot of filler, you will lose the attention of the reader very quickly, so make your letter of intent very focused and within the word limit (usually up to 500 words).

Pharmacy Letter of Intent MistakesDon’t repeat the information that you have already included elsewhere in your application. Your pharmacy letter of intent is the unique chance to add something special to your application, so don’t waste it for repetitions.

Pharmacy Letter of Intent MistakesNever lie or exaggerate about your abilities and achievements. Always keep in mind that lie may become the reason of further exclusion from the residency program.

Help with Your Letter of Intent for Pharmacy Residency

If you want an edge over the competition then it is often best to trust the writing of your letter to professional writers that know precisely how to craft an effective piece for you. Our highly qualified and very experienced writers and editors work with you to be able to fully understand who you are to craft a letter of intent that is guaranteed to satisfy your needs; or we will refund your money.

So if you have looked at our pharmacy residency letter of intent sample and want one at least as good for your application, contact our experts here today!

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