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  • Earn a Bachelor's Degree
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  • Complete a Residency Program

FAQs on What Is a Pharmacy Residency

Just what is a pharmacy residency and how easy is it to get a place?

Once you have completed your pharmacy degree you will need to gain additional training and gain experience by undertaking a residency with a clinical focus. This will provide you with all of the relevant skills that you will need to further your career. Getting a place however is difficult as places are limited and competition between pharmacy graduates is very high.

What is pharmacy residency personal statement and why is it so important?

Your personal statement or statement of intent for applying to pharmacist residency programs is your opportunity to show the committee who you are. They want to know far more about what motivates you and what your goals are in your career and this cannot be provided just through your grades and qualifications. A well written residency or pharmacy school personal statement will help you get chosen for the place you are targeting.

What is a pharmacy residency resume and why do I need one?

Like your pharmacy residency personal statement your resume will need to be tailored specifically to the place that you are targeting rather than just being a generic and general document. Our services can help you to achieve the very best resume for your application to the best pharmacy residency programs.

Do your staff know how to apply for pharmacy residency places?

Our writers are highly qualified in the field of pharmacy and are selected for their knowledge and experience in the residency application process. Through us you will always work with a writer that has an in depth understanding of the pharmacy residency requirements and expectations.

Do you know how to get a pharmacy residency program application that is in English?

One of the biggest issues that people face when having writing done online is getting documents that are written in perfect English. Our writers are all native English speakers and can provide you with US or UK pharmacy residency application documents that are in perfect English at all times.

Why pharmacy residency writers need to be qualified?

Pharmacy is a specialized field and you cannot expect just anyone to write your personal statement or resume. This is why we provide you with writers that hold PhD or Masters degrees in Pharmacy and have many years of experience in helping graduates make their residency applications.

What if I don’t like what has been written by your personal statement writer?

All of the writing that we do is done with direct communication with the writer to ensure that they can gain the information that they need to complete your personal statement and other application requirements. Once they have written the statement it will be provided to you as a draft for your review. Should you feel that anything is inaccurate or needs changing then our writer will continue to work with you and to make changes until you are fully happy with the results.

What guarantees do I get with your services?

Our specialized and professional services come with all of the following guarantees:
  • Guaranteed on time delivery
  • Guaranteed original writing and free plagiarism testing
  • Guaranteed error free writing; all writing is proofread professionally
  • Guaranteed confidentiality
  • Guaranteed satisfaction or your money refunded

So if you ask yourself “what is a pharmacy residency?” and need help with statement writing, just get in touch with our team!